6 Phases of the Construction Process

Phases of the Business Process

Commercial construction is a complex process with many stages and phases. It can be challenging to understand the six phases of commercial construction without some help. 

This article will outline each stage of the commercial construction process, explaining what happens during each.


Construction Phase 1: The Planning Phase

Project conception and planning is the first phase of commercial construction. During this phase, the project scope is defined, and a budget is set. The project team is also assembled during this phase. It is the essential foundation for a successful commercial construction project; therefore, great care must be taken to get it right.


Construction Phase 2: The Design Phase

During the design phase, the project plans are created. This includes things like architectural drawings and engineering schematics. Once the plans are complete, they must be approved by the relevant authorities. This process can take some time and be a significant bottleneck in commercial construction projects.


Construction Phase 3: The Pre-construction Phase

Pre-construction is the phase where preparations are made for the actual construction work to begin. This includes things like ordering materials, hiring contractors, and obtaining permits. It is essential to have a detailed plan for this phase, as any delays can cause significant problems later on.


Construction Phase 4: The Procurement Phase

Procurement is acquiring the materials and services needed for the construction project. This includes ordering concrete, hiring contractors, and buying construction equipment. It is essential to carefully manage the procurement process to avoid delays or cost overruns.


Construction Phase 5: The Construction Phase

Construction is the actual work of building the project. This is where all the materials and equipment are brought to the site and the construction workers put everything together. It is essential to carefully manage the construction process to avoid accidents or delays.


Construction Phase 6: The Post-Construction Phase

Once the construction is complete, there is a period known as the post-construction phase. This is when the project is handed over to the client, and any final touches are made. During this phase, the project is inspected and signed off by the relevant authorities.



Commercial construction is a complex process with many stages and phases. It can be difficult to understand the commercial construction process without some help. This article has outlined the six phases of commercial construction, explaining what happens during each one. By understanding the commercial construction process, you can avoid any delays or problems that may occur during your project.